Streetscape & Landscape

Traffic Islands & Roundabouts

We think from the driver’s perspective with consideration to your peace of mind and savvy point of view: our lighting system can be easily adapted to most traffic island & round-about applications! With potential to run up to 100 yards, easy installation (like paving!) that can be incorporated in most surface materials, and standard low voltage, Beckstone blends in perfectly during the daylight to support streetscape design.

  • Create efficient islands and roundabouts that are easy to notice at night.
  • Protect pedestrians and drivers by slowing down traffic with style.
  • Lessen the probability of runovers and destroyed reflector.
  • Avoid the need for safety delineators.

Park and Drive Ways

Don’t you just hate when people park incorrectly? This likelihood increases at night with outdoor parking. You wouldn’t need to ruin the integrity of the overall aesthetic appearance to help people park better with Beckstone. Avoid bulky bollards or painted white lines by simply adding our paver lights, you could:

  • Utilize 25% more parking lot space in urban areas.
  • Protect car bumpers from scratches
  • Give the parking lot a distinct, futuristic and aesthetic look.
  • Easy and cost efficient when installing or retrofitting
  • Reduce risk of accidents
  • Get more visibility for lanes



Outdoor Design

Nature in itself is a thing of beauty that is normally only truly enjoyed in daylight. But why stop there? Install our Beckstone lights into your landscape designs, be they public or private, to elevate the atmosphere and also allow it to help people see where they are going.

Let there be light!


Bike Paths & Path Ways

Less is more. We bring this minimalistic truth to life, so let’s spare automobile drivers the headache of confusingly crowded and overwhelming traffic signage. For cyclists, we supply the same luxuries of designated and clear pathways as those of car drivers by protecting them from potentially serious accidents and claims against the authority. All this is with Beckstone paver lights.

  • Share limited street space efficiently with our easily installed lights that are risk free for cars with their durable drive-over strength.
  • Remove bulky streetlamps! With the same connection, install the more aesthetically pleasing and cost-efficient paver lights.
  • Create simple visual barriers for visually impaired traffic participants.


Urban & Culture

Use our state-of-the-art lights without compromising the art of the state! Landmarks, monuments, historic sites can now be aesthetically lit up in the best way possible as our Beckstone paver lights blend in during the day because they are made to fit the style of your desired environment. With affordable prices and minimal installation costs, design ideas can be realized in places – like antique alleyways – that need some illumination with heritage preservation in mind.


QR Lights

Don’t get left behind in the past as the world moves into the future – why not pioneer the movement? Make a place for innovation and provide citizens with all the information needed with Beckstone QRlights. Provide civil information that’s much easier to update than traditional signage at:

  • Bus stops
  • Transit Stations
  • City Tours
  • Touristic Areas
  • Plazas
  • Public Meeting Points

With their distinct look through its contrasting 3D-surface design during the daytime and lit up at night, QR lights can provide audio streams for the visually handicapped and allows everyone the ability to retain the information on their smartphones.

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