Beckstone has different surface textures to match all kind of applications:

NATURE has a rough surface texture that suits in perfectly with basalt, sandstone and marble pavers. The matted surface makes Beckstone “NATURE” subdued during daylight so it does not interfere with the overall design concept.STYLE has a pearly surface texture so it goes well with interlocking concrete paving stones and large size patio plates. Indistinguishable from the other paving stones, it elevates the design and function of the wall or pavement.


PEBBLES has the surface texture of a real life pebble so that it’s naturally at home in all water bodies. Bring your waterscapes to the next level during the evenings, and create an ambience that will entice and excite everyone.


BRICK has the texture of dried clay, just like actual brick! Made for brick structures, It goes well with walls and pavements of masonry constructions. Light up your columns, walls and foundations and make them your own.


Solid Colors

Beckstone in Blue, Crystal and Amber have a solid colored resin. So even in daylight you can design with the contrasting or matching colors of the lights.





are made to make Beckstone invisible in natural stone installations.

Beckstone “HISTORIC” is the only in-ground lighting system, that matches beautifully into landscape design or heritage sites in daylight.

Porphyr Red

Sand Beige

Granite Grey

Basalt Grey


Below you will find links to access all our FREE documents on how to easily install and arrange Beckstones, their detailed advantages to the visually impaired, and brochures.
You can install all of them at the first link, or take your pick from the others! Or even download them in French as well!

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