Installation & Upgrades


Beckstone, delivered ready for installation, is installed with a 12V d.c. low voltage system at reasonable costs. We supply heat-shrinkable connectors that solder, seal and shrink each connection within 5 Min. using a professional electronic heat-gun that we also supply!  The necessary remote power supply runs up to 50 pieces per connection and can simply be connected at the nearest streetlamp or enclosure box. We deliver a complete package with UL-listed components to ensure your final project inspection will go smoothly. 

Retrofitting & Upgrading

Beckstones can be incorporated in traffic applications and pathways for renovation projects without destroying the existing building structure. Pathways and squares with sunken pavers due to weather and environmental influence can be renovated by a supporting concrete toe and an additional row of pavers that have some Beckstones integrated. Marking driveways for cyclists within existing structures can also be solved by an elevated row of pavers on the outer edge of pathways and squares.

Download PDFs on How to Install Beckstone lights, Safety Precautions and all related information here

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