We have sales representatives working worldwide!

    Since 2008 we have been distributing our JoBe Lighting products and service through a network of independent sales representatives. Since 2009 all our product are cUL-listed as IP68 landscape luminaire, that enables waterscape, fountain, as well as ponds applications.

    JoBe Lighting services all project from the central warehouse and production center in central Germany. From our location we can offer overnight service to the East Coast and 2-day service to the West Coast.

    Reach us at:

    +1 (800) 770-1794

    [email protected]


    Who We Are

    Ever since our foundation in 2006 in the USA, we aim to enlighten the world with our unique, high-quality German paver lights.

    Beckstone is designed by Friedrich Schneider, an innovative and detail oriented creative from Bad Arolsen, Germany, in 2003.  Taking full advantage of LED-technology, it’s designed with solid rock resin and polymer concrete around the LED-module.

    JoBe Lighting works with the most recent developments in electronically components and production processes, to serve customers with a need for sustainable products and high-efficiency.


    Our Mission:
    Visual Accessibility

    Our unique paver lights protect everyone and everything. From your tires and bumpers to pedestrians and cyclists.

    Our low light prevents discomfort with it’s ideal mix of non-glare luminaire and luminous flux that is accessible to those who are visually impaired.

    By creating pathways within all types of architecture, our paver stones create a safe feeling within the community, its residents and guests all while considering the budget for energy, construction and maintenance.

    Our Services

    We provide and distribute our one-of-a-kind, durable in ground lights to architects, designers, and engineers all over the world. Our product is an investment that is very reasonable and its operational maintenance is cost-efficient.

    We are your partner for project ideas with custom shapes, relief logos, special surface textures, inscriptions and color options.

    At Trade Shows

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